Shawna Renee

Shawna Renee is an award winning broadcaster, writer and storyteller.



As a radio personality, she’s produced and hosted shows for Radio One, CBS Radio, SiriusXM and Voice of America. Shawna is best known for her work as host and executive producer of Cocoa Mode, a program she created in 2007 after recognizing the need for programming dedicated to exploring the role of women of color in areas of social justice, community building and entrepreneurship.



Shawna Renee has taken her passion for storytelling and transformed it into a powerful tool for healing and community building as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Say It, Out Loud, an urban storytelling collective that produces pop-up storytelling events all over the country.  She also facilitates workshops and retreats to help students access the power of storytelling to heal and connect communities of color.  Shawna is a Moth Story Slam Winner and has been featured on a number of storytelling podcasts and stage shows. 

Shawna currently lives in Washington, DC with her husband and son.


Work with Me

When it comes to making friends, finding love or closing the deal, nothing compares to the power of a great story.   For generations humans have used stories to inspire, influence and entertain. Most importantly we use to stories to spread ideas and values.

Shawna Renee shares her expertise as an award winning storyteller by offering a number of workshops.  She worked with dozens of organizations including...

  • Harvard University

  • TechTown Detroit

  • Sirius XM

  • DC Public Schools



If you're interested in hosting a workshop for your group or organization contact Shawna Renee here:

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